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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Tibetan Terrier!

I hope you will find this site full of useful information as well as fun to visit. If you don't find the information you are looking for on these pages, I suggest you try going to The Tibetan Terrier Information Centre; then visit the pages linking to the "Tibetan Terrier Web Ring" to meet Tibetans from around the world. Another site (included in the ring) with many pages of breed information is the Samsara home page.


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In the beginning there was ...
who adopted Sue Mechem in May of 1968.

Teddy at 10 months


The Tenth Tibetan Terrier World Congress was held in Morecambe, England in August, 2007 with participants from 16 countries.  Following the 2 days of meetings and discussions of TT issues were a day and a half of performance demonstrations, a "fun" show and a serious Championship Show.  The next World Congress will be held in Austria in 2009.

The 30th Tibetan Terrier Club National Specialty was held May 28 - June 1, 2007 in Owensboro, KY. Lancaster, PA.  There were classes in conformation, obedience, rally and agility as well as a day of educational programs, the annual TTCA Board meeting and the TTCA Annual general meeting.  The 31sr Specialty will be held in NY in March, 2008.


Congratulations to my current star, Sneakers, shown below.  Officially known as Kathmandu's Dkyar (Dkyar means "snowshoe" in Tibetan), he has 16 points, including 1 major, all from the Bred By Exhibitor classes.  He won Best Junior Dog at the Futurity (Breeder Sweepstakes) at the 2007 Specialty under former breeder Phyllis "Jeannie" Helton and won enough cash to pay the gas for our trip!  He then went on to take 2nd in Bred By Dog, losing first to the dog who ultimately went Winners' Dog, under Jean Fournier.

Sneakers - Futurity win

Sneakers - Bred By

Congratulations also to Sneakers' grandmother Liz and uncle Burly pictured below.  Liz (CH. Kiara Kathmandu's Show Biz Liz, CD, ROM, V), just short of 14 years old, came out of a 6 year retirement to participate in the first Rally event ever held at a TT Specialty.  Neither of us had been to a Rally class - but I wanted to support this event judged by  TT owner and Obedience Judge Ginger Kinion.  Liz came out with a qualifying score for her first leg! Sadly I lost her in October to rapidly spreading cancer.   She is shown here with her son, Kathmandu's Lord Burlington, CD, RA who also competed in Open Obedience and completed his Rally Advanced title. Burly is owned by Jan and Fred Schroeder of Duluth, MN.
Burly and Liz

Congratulations to Martha Schwartzmann and Kathmandu's Tiny Treasure, CD, RAE. "Mini" became the very first RAE titled Tibetan Terrier at the Merced, CA Gold Rush Cluster the weekend of April 7-8, 2007. The requirement for this title in Rally events is similar to the OTCH in obedience in that it requires 10 multiple qualifying scores in the two highest levels of competition after completing the Novice, Advanced and Excellent titles.   Per the AKC regulations, "In order to receive the RAE title, a dog must qualify ten (10) times in both the Rally Advanced B Class and the Rally Excellent B Class at the same trial. The RAE title will appear at the end of the dog's name and a numeric designation will indicate the number of times the dog has met RAE requirements, i.e. RAE2, RAE3, etc."


Pictures of and information about other recently winning Kathmandu Kids can be found here  (lots of pictures which slows down the loading of the page).

EARLY KATHMANDU DOGS (under construction)

  • LIZZIE'S PAGES (with links to candid and show pictures of some of her puppies)
Lizzie's December 1999 litter
Pictures of her second litter growing up from birth to eight weeks. Then see how one, Boots (Kathmandu's Santa Paws) looked at his first dog show where he got his first championship point.
Lizzie's Grandchildren
Sherpa, from Lizzie's second (1997 )litter, was bred to CH. Malishar's Puja for her first litter in 2001 and from that litter Tippy was shown. Sherpa had her second litter on March 4, 2003 (CH. Kathmandu's On Broadway x Kathmandu's Himalayan High) - the link for that litter takes you to mulitple linked pages from birth until they left home and some pictures from their new homes. Three of those pups are in training for agility and obedience careers: Kathmandu's Snow Lion ("Felix") with Sarah Osmeloski has his Novice agility titles as well as some conformation points;  Kathmandu's Jump for Joy ("Joy") and  Kathmandu's Tiny Treasure ("Mini" or "Minnie Mouse") live in Sacramento with Martha Swartzmann and are piling on performance titles in AKC, NADAC and CPE faster than I can keep track.
Lizzie's other daughter, Kathmandu's Devil in Disguise, aka Angel, was bred to CH. Salishan Jump Start, UD, AX, AXJ, NAC, NJC, CGC, TDI for her first litter which arrived on Mother's Day (May 11) 2003.  See them from birth until they left home and some pictures from their new homes. "Flash" from that litter finished his conformation title in Sept. 2005 and  "Luna" (Kathmandu's Hidden Fire), litter sister to the Serlo's Flash, earned the "singles" for her conformation title before deciding to take an early retirement as a couch potato on the sofa.  Diana and Jim Serlo completed the chamionship on Flash - CH. Kathmandu's Flash DanSer  and he is now training for agility.

 BELLE'S PAGES  In 2002, our family was joined by a charming redhead (gold sable), Luktu Belle of the Ball, bred by my British friends Jane and Peter Heritage.

Planned Parenthood
I don't often have puppies - my next litter will probably be in 2008. I will not air freight or ship puppies unaccompanied by the new owner; they have enough stress to contend with just adapting to a new home and people and there is no need to add to that stress unnecessarily. I am, however, happy and willing to deliver pups or meet new owners within a four hour drive of Pittsburgh, PA.

  The Tibetan Terrier Information Centre

The "Alternative" TT  If grooming your pet TT gets to be more than you can handle, you might want to consider this look.

Tibetan Terrier Club of America Breeder Referral

Tibetan Terrier Club of America Breed Rescue Program

AKC Canine Health Foundation's article on  A Puppy Buyer’s Guide to the Internet: Online Resources to Find and Raise a Healthy Purebred Dog

Books and other publications available about Tibetan Terriers, about general dog training and care and about Tibet.

Research studies on US Tibetan Terrier studies relating to Canine Ceroid Lipofuschinosis are on-going. This is a neurological disease, ultimately fatal, which is the same as Batten's Disease in humans.  You can read about the TT and humans with Batten's Disease in this NPR article. The Tibetan Terrier Club of America actively supports research to find the "marker gene" so we will be able to avoid breeding puppies who would be potentially afflicted with the heartbreaking disease which typically would not appear until canine "middle age."

  You can check to see if a dog has had his hips certified clinically clear of hip problems (in the US) by going to OFA's database search and entering his registered name or AKC number.

Tibetan Terriers can become afflicted with Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) or Lens Luxation as well as cataracts.  Responsible breeders routinely check eyes, within at least 12 months of breeding and should be able to show you exam reports signed by a certified canine ophthalmologist or a form showing the dog has had a clear eye exam report registered by the Canine Eye Research FoundationCheck to see if a dog has had his eyed certified clinically clear of eye problems (in the US) by going to the Canine Eye Research Foundation  search page.

Hearing problems and deafness in one or both ears can be found in many breeds including the Tibetan Terrier.  One of the TTCA members wrote an article about deafness and testing hearing.

Pedigree Power is an award-winning article I wrote on effective pedigree research (before the days of computer pedigree programs!).

Tibetan Terrier Club of America including Breeder Referral and Breed Rescue Program
Tibetan Terrier Association in England, the oldest TT association in the world
Tibetan Terrier Owners and Breeders Club in England
Birmingham (England) Tibetan Terrier Enthusiasts Club
Czech Republic TT Club
Pictures of some of the Kathmandu Kids in their new homes
Louie's Place, the autobiography of a show pup
Maggie's Page
Kathmandu's 2002 Christmas card showing the highlights of 2002.

See Christmas photos of some of the TTs who were participating on the Topica Email list in 2001.

The TT bouTTique where you can find unique gifts for Tibetan Terrier fanciers including clocks, watches, refrigerator magnets and greeting cards.

The TTCA Shop has booklets, gifts and useful items for sale by the Tibetan Terrier Club of America.

Camelot Specialties has glass and ceramic gifts and a wide range of embroidered items for all breeds including the TT.

The Canine Cornucopia in England has cold cast bronze sculptures (including a standing and a trotting TT) by John Standbridge and limited edition prints by Elise Savage.

The Lhasa Apso
The Tibetan KyiApso
The Tibetan Mastiff
The Tibetan Spaniel

Tibetan Flag  Fly a Flag for Tibet

The Tibetan Government in Exile - the Dalai Lama's Official "Home Page" with extensive information about the government and the refugee community in Dharmsala, India
Suggested reading list for those interested in Tibet
Report of the visit of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, to Pittsburgh, PA in 1998

The Rainbow Bridge, a memorial page to deceased friends with poetry and photographs.

For further information on Tibetans, you can email me at KathmanduTTs @ att.net . (NOTE: In order to reduce the amount of spam mail, this is not an automatic Email link - you will need to open your Email program and insert the address.)

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