Sire: CH. Kathmandu's On Broadway
     (black with silver, white chest)
Dam:  Kathmandu's Himalayan High
     (white with black trim)
     OFA:  TT-1750G24M-T      OFA:  TT-2188E44F-PI
     CERF: TT-1581/2002-80      CERF: TT-1610/2002--62
         BAER: Normal hearing, both ears 3/2002

CH. Kathmandu's On Broadway - JoeAll pups - March 19th - 2 weeks oldSherpa - summer 2002 - almost 4 yrs. old
Puppy Pileup - March 19, 2003
shown in the base of #200 Varikennel (23" x 16")

M1 - "Winky" (Wee Willie Winky) - Changed to Tyler for a few days and finally settled on "Duke" Black, white forelegs, front of hindlegs, collar, blaze, half of tail.  Front & rear dewclaws.  5 oz. 9 oz.   Rear dewclaws removed on Fri. Mar. 7.  A couple of dots of pigment on nose by the weekend. Content puppy. 14 oz. Looks the biggest though he's not.  Remains content - doesn't squirm when picked up. Nose about 1/2 filled in (more on bottom than top). Eyes half open
M2 - "Mickey Mouse" Black/white lower legs, collar, on face, with narrow strip to spot on top of head.  Some pigment on nose.  Scrawny looking. Four dewclaws. 5 oz. Was down to 4 oz. on Thurs. - Started supplementing 3xday with 2 cc of formula on and he was up to 4.8 oz. on Sun. Did not have dewclaws done with the others - too small and vet waited until Mon. Mar. 11 to do them. Somewhat quieter and more fragile looking than other males though seems to nurse well and body tone feels firm. Nose pigment half in by weekend. 5.2 oz. - Not very active and doesn't like the bottle (drinks only with nipple out side of his mouth or if milk squirted into his mouth).  Seems to nurse "okay" but am continuing to supplement due to lack of growth. Head shape different - muzzle narrower and shallow under eyes - can't tell if it is because he is scrawny all over or truly different head shape. L eye open, R partially open. 
M3 - "B.J." (Baby Joe) Black/small white spot on chest (like Joe when he was born).  Front dewclaws only.  6 oz. 6 oz. on Mon. Pigment was all in by Thurs. Content puppy - though a bit more wiggly than M1 and slower to get back to birthweight.  9 oz - quiet puppy. Nothing stands out but nothing appears wrong - just Mr. Slow & Steady. Both eyes about 1/3 open
M4 - "George" (Curious George) Black/white ankles & feet, partial collar, off center moustache, blaze, strip on nose. Four dewclaws. 6 oz. 10 oz. on Mon. Seems to like to be on his back with his tummy being rubbed - immediately snuggles in my hand when picked up.  Rear dewclaws removed Fri. 3/7 15 oz. - a wanderer - gets himself out of the box several times a day and then cries out that he is lost.  Quiets down as soon as he is picked up and put with the others. Eyes open almost completely
M5 - "Socks" Black/white spot on head, ankles, feet and chest, under belly, last 1/4 of tail. Looks like M4 with narrower (almost non-existent) strip on nose. Tiny moustache.Front dewclaws only. 5 oz. 9 oz. on Mon. Very average puppy - does know difference in "environment" when I pick him up.  14 oz. - another wanderer... same comments as M4 
F1 - "Gremlin" Black/white blaze, paws, tail tip. Front dewclaws only.  5 1/2 oz. 7.2 oz. on Mon.  Very content and not perturbed when picked up, put on scales, etc. "Steady" temperment  11 oz. Eyes open.  Crawls around the blanket in the box some but doesn't stray far from the "puppy pile."
F2 - "Minnie Mouse" Black/small white dot on chest. Scrawny.  Front dewclaws only. 4.5 oz. 4.2 oz. on Mon. (got down to 3.8 on Fri.) Scrappy little girl.  Spat out formula that I started supplementing her with on Thur. -  Seems to nurse well as well - several times she has hung on when Sherpa left the box and sucks strongly on my finger.  Still 4.2. Eyes both open about 3/4 of the way. Changed to JustBorn on Sun. and she guzzles it. Seems to prefer formula to Sherpa. Has gotten out of the bed in the box several times (probably was still hanging on when Sherpa got up to leave though once Kacey went in and "stole" her, took her to her "hideaway" under my bed) and screams in protest - quiets down as soon as she is returned to the others. Head still looks like newborn (but better "balanced" than M2's). Kind of reminds me of Rocky in the last litter - think I'll call her "Rockette"
M6 - "Smudge" Black - white partial collar (diamond shaped spot on neck), foreface with smudge on left side of moustache ) Front dewclaws.  5.5 oz. 10 oz. on Mon. - average puppy 14 oz. - still average in terms of development, nothing distinctive.  About the same activity level as M1 though he seems smaller (yet weighs the same)  Eyes both almost fully open.

Winky (on left) and Smudge (on right)
19 oz. - still a prime candidate for a couch potato.  Walks steadily on his feet but would rather conserve his energy.  Sleeps on his back, belly and legs up. Ears opening - responds to sounds by lifting head. 22 oz. Still fairly quiet but is curious to investigate anything new - walked around the desktop and pushed keys on keyboard . Wags tail readily - tail goes straight up like a flag. Walks over on top of everybody to push them out of the way to get to the food in the community dish. 
Mickey Mouse 
photo March 30
STILL on 5.2 oz - looks more like a mouse than a puppy.  Feels like his body temp. is always subnormal.  Does eat (small amounts) of puppy gruel enthusiastically. Cries a lot. Doesn't seem to recognize me when I pick him up.  Still drinks from the side of his mouth rather than wrapping tongue around the bottle (still supplementing him with bottle 3 x day) Eyes open but look small - head large in proportion to body. Cried and cried all weekend.  Had great difficutly trying to stand and began sneezing Mon. morning.  Called vet and she had me bring him and Minnie in.  Felt something was seriously wrong with Mickey and that he would not live.  Decision made to euthanize him - autopsy showed kidneys were very abnormal (greyish tan instead of dark brown, spongey instead of firm, the tubules (cells which filter the blood) appeared to be incompletely/abnormally formed. Kidneys have been sent for further study to Cornell to see if they can determine anything useful.
M3 Mostly quiet but does respond when picked up.  More apt to curl up with the little guys than the bigger ones.  Also responds to sounds by looking in the direction of the noise. 16 oz.  Still quiet and less actively curious than others - a looker more than a "doer."  Does lick my hands. Despite smaller size, does enjoy his food.
Curious George (on left)
photo March 30 with Mickey & Minnie
Could be called "Curious George" - very alert to what is going on around him. 23 oz. Very nosey - licks hands and fingers while holding my fingers down with his paws - comes over to edge of pen to rub noses with adult dogs. Had a great time pushing keys on the keybord with his paws.  Tail well up and at times over his back. Grrrs and barks as well as squeaks.
 M5 - Socks  Mildly curious - follows the more adventurous boy readily. 22 oz. mellow, sweet. licks nose or arm if picked up. Makes trilling sounds and squeaks.  Wags his tail and squeaks when investigating something new.  .
F1 - Gremlin 14 oz. Pretty mobile and much more independent than last week - often strays from the pile to do her own thing and curl up on a different blanket. 19 oz. great licker. Gums fingers.  Initiates play and quite curious about some things (other dogs, me) but not interested in exploring desk top or keyboard -preferred to try and chew on me. Tail straight up in the air.  Grrs and makes small barks. Nose leather filled in.
Minnie Mouse is on the right on March 30
5.2 oz.  Likes food but still likes bottle as well.  Not as steady on her feet as the big guys but she manages to get around as well as anybody - as fast as others even though she falls and has to pick her self up.  Definitely recognizes me when I pick her up. 7 oz  Pretty much inhales her food - I started feeding her by herself from a custard cup as she was walking into the lower "community" dish and sitting in the middle of it, then eating around her.  Will start sucking on me as soon as I pick her up.  Cries and seems to have difficulty going to the bathroom.
M6 - Smudge One of the first to regularly leave the crate bottom and "explore" the rest of the pen on his own.  When he misses the rest, he does cry until I relocate him with the pack. 22 oz. - Gets his bearings better now on his own.  Barks and grrrrs - bats his paw at the others. 
Misc. Notes - group photos March 30
The group
Sherpa is losing interest in spending much time with them - started feeding them puppy gruel on the weekend as she will only feed them when standing up (meaning the tiny ones get left out) though she'll still clean up after them - especially if they've just been swimming in their food! Sherpa has pretty much wiped her paws of maternal responsibilities - will go in with them only a couple of times a day. I'm feeding soaked pulverized kibble with yogurt 3 x a day.
I put papers on one side of pen, left rugs on other last week - most leave the sleeping section to piddle and poop though only get to the paper about 25% of the time so far.

After Breakfast - April 2, 2003
Cleaning Minnie's Special Bowl
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