Sire: CH. Salishan Jump Start, UD,AX,AXJ,NAC,NJC,CGC,TDI
     (black with white)
Dam:  Kathmandu's Devil in Disguise
     (black with white trim)
     OFA:  TT-1376G24M      OFA: TT-2198E45F-PI
     CERF: TT-891/1998--68
     CERF: TT-1609/2002--62
     BAER: Normal hearing, both ears 3/2002
Ch. Salishan Jump Start - Tank
"Tank" doing an obedience sit.
The Babies - 2 days old
"Angel" won  Best in Futurity at 18 months under
Judge Constance Downey  (left) of the famous
Luneville Kennels in England.

The proud Mom

"No, I'm not going to leave them so you can get a better picture..."
(weights May 18 pm)
June 4 
2:17 PM - 6 oz. - black with very narrow blaze, white forelegs and back ankles/feet, narrow collar, tail tip and undercarriage.  Some black pigment on nose. Front dewclaws only. I had to pull placenta and tear cord.  10 oz  1 lb. 4
2:45 PM - 6 oz. - black with white blaze, forelegs, lower hind legs, spot on neck, small spot in front of each shoulder, tail tip, undercarriage - some pigment on nose.  Front dewclaws.  Again I had to pull placenta, tear cord.  10 oz.  1 lb. 6 oz.
3:27 PM - 5 1/2 oz. - black with white legs, splotches on hips, underbelly, wide collar, blaze and last quarter of (very long) tail. Four dewclaws.  12 oz.  1 lb. 8 oz.
4:10 PM - 6 oz. - black with white dot on head, white toes front and rear, chest and tummy.  She got cord VERY close to body.  12 oz.  1 lb. 8 oz.
4:45 PM - 5 oz. - much scrawnier than the others, less sign of fur on feet, face.  Very "waterlogged" and took awhile for me to get him going (she dropped him on floor outside of box and I had to get him out of sack, do everything) but squawked loudly once he was going.  Black with white legs, collar, blaze (traditional parti)  8 oz.  Filling out nicely and while still the smallest doesn't look scrawny any longer.  1 lb. 4 oz. 
General Notes
  Extremely content litter and Angel is most content I've ever seen her - doesn't leave them much but doesn't get nasty if one of the other dogs takes a peek at them either.  She's also eating better than usual.
Dewclaws all removed on Wed.
All eyes opened Sun. June. 1 - most opened fully right away.  All up on their feet by Tues. - walking steadily and increasingly fast by the weekend.  Tails wag in recognition when I go by the door and all can climb/fall out of the puppy pen door with ease. 

PUPPY ID - Photos taken June 8
June 19 - 5 1/2 Weeks old
 June 22 - 28 - Measurements done at 6 weeks
F1 - Lexi (Lexus)

2 lb. 4 oz. 
6 1/4 inches tall

Lexi was very fearful on the table and it was hard to get an accurate measurement since she kept "collapsing" though she is moderately curious as the others when running around the kitchen floor and hallway.  She's not as fond of being picked up and cuddled as her littermates.

F2 - Ellie (Eldorado)

Nothing like a good drink after a hard play session.

3 lb. 6 oz.
6 1/2 inches tall


Quite curious on the floor but also worried and crouched a bit on the table.


F3  - Dana (who looked like a Great Dane when she was born - and I couldn't find any Danish-made cars <g>)

Smile! You're on Candid Camera!

3 lbs.
6 1/2 inches tall

She has two "speeds" - she is either curious and alert or curled up and sound asleep!  Tail is always up.  Has a small umbilical hernia which has not yet closed.

F4 - Sadie (Kathmandu's Black Mercedes)

"Oh-oh - here she comes with that bright flashing light again..."

3 lbs. 2 oz.
7 inches tall

Very confident little girl.  Already stacks herself up in a show pose when she stops.  HUGE feet, nice solid bone and thick coat.

M1 - Flash (Kathmandu's Flash DanSer)

"If I do this right, I can wash my paws before dinner...

2 lbs. 14 oz.
6 1/4 inches tall


Nicely proportioned and sets himself up "4-square" with nice neck, head and tail up.  Nice moderate puppy but a little feminine. 

General Notes - Jim & Diana (owners of the Tank, the sire) came over to take their first look and help take the kids first "show" style pictures!.   They are now much more steady on their feet and eating soft food (Wellness Puppy mixed with Nutro Puppy Lamb and Rice, all well soaked in warm water with a few tablespoons of Vanille yogurt stirred in).  They also like to try and munch on the Wellness dry that I leave down for Angel to snack on. 

They are also figuring out that if they potty on the papers at one end of the pen, the fleece and beds stay dry and are more comfortable.

Everybody now has a temporary puppy name - the girls are cars that shouldn't need to have a "Jump Start" (named in honor of Jim who has a garage!). 

 These pups will at least double their six week height - and most will add about another inch beyond that.
Click here to see the pups at  six and seven weeks .