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Once upon a time (April 17, 1996) a litter of Tibetan Terrier puppies was born in the land of Pencil-vanya. And, way down souf in Florryda, a lady named Pat herd about them.

Pat alreddy hed a lil gurl, Billie, whot wuz serpozed to be a Lhasa Apso but Pat wuz shur Billie wuz confuzed (boy, iz she effer - but more on that later) becuz her leggies were real, real long. So Pat did resurch an wint on the InnerNet an joined a mail list 'bout Tibetan Doggies an she met me breeder whin dey wuz talkin' 'bout pooter problems stead of doggies. Well, Pat checked Sue (the breeder lady) out an found whot Sue was responsibull - hed da mommy and daddy dogs eyes an hips cheked, didn't breed lots of doggies and played wif her doggies in booty kontests an trained them in bedience an a little bit in ajility an even had one whot wuz visiting old folks in a nursing home. Pat and Sue rote letters bak an forf fur a long time and whin I wuz borned, Sue rote Pat effry week about how we wuz growing up.

An whin I wuz just a wee lad, a bit over two munfs old, my bruvvers and sisters, mummy an a couple of da aunties all got in da van an went fur a loooooooong ride fum Pencil-vanya up to Massachewsetts ter what wuz called the Tibetan Terrier Klub of Merica Speshulty Show. An dats whin I furst met Pat who adopted me that weekend an changed me life fureffer.

I didn't miss me bruvvers and sisters buggin me -
but I wuz lonely at bedtime so mum gave me a buddy to sleep wiv.

Louie 4.5 months in grass
Here I am, about 4 1/2 mumpfs old, carefree and relaxing in the grass.

Louie on the tile floor

When Florryda got too hot and muggy, I found the tile in the kitchen was nice and kool.




One of the furst fingies I learned to do was to sit pretty - I got me mum trained real fast to give me a cookie when I sat and gave her "the look."

There are more  pikshurs of me growin up on me  next page . If yer kan't stand seein me cute likkul mug wivout havin it by yer to pet then you should go back to the Kathmandu Tibetans main page.

All photos on this page are copyright 1996-99 by me furry proud mum, Pat Nelson.

If you want to wite and tell her how bootiful I am, EMail her at

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