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Unique Items to Celebrate Your Tibetan Terrier

Tibetan Terrier Note Cards

Folded heavy weight note cards, 5 1/2 x 4 inches, with envelopes. Two each of four designs, each framed in red hearts: a standing adult in show coat, a standing puppy, a seated puppy with fuzzy slipper, a shaggy-style head study.

(Please note: The drawings are copyrighted and all rights for their use are reserved to Susan F. Mechem.)

$5.00 per package (plus $1.00 for mailing)

Tibetan Terrier Clocks

These quartz movement wall clocks have a plain plastic rim in assorted colors. In place of the 12 is the adult in show coat, in place of the 6 is the TT standing pup and the 3 and 9 each have the sitting pup facing towards the center. A red heart is in the center. The smaller clock is by Spartus, has a 6 " face and a 7 " diameter and comes in colonial light blue, dark blue, dark green, cranberry or black. The larger clock is made by Westclox, has a 7 " face and a 10" outside diameter and comes in black, dark blue or dark green.

Please specify size and at least two color preferences.
$20.00 each (plus $3.20 for mailing)

Personalized Clocks

These are the same size and colors as the TT clocks but are personalized using a photo of your own favorite pet or person. Enlose a good, clear photo - which will be returned unharmed. Please specify size and at least two color preferences. $27.50 each(plus $3.20 for mailing)

Tibetan Terrier Watches

These watches come in a small size with a 1" face and a larger size with a 1-1/2" face. The first model features the Tibetan Terrier profile in the center and has the word "Tibetan" above the dog and the word "Terrier" underneath. The second model has the seated puppy from the notecards and has "I Love Tibetan Terriers" in red in an arc above the puppy. Both models have a gold plated rim and a black genuine leather alligator grain strap. These watches are made in the US with a Japanese movement and carry a lifetime warranty on all parts except the battery (1 yr. warranty), band and crystal.

$25.00 each (plus $2.00 for mailing).

Refrigerator Magnets

Do you hold appointment cards and other notes to your refrigerator, cabinets or other metal surfaces with a magnet and then miss your appointment because the magnet covers up the essential information? These unique magnets have a translucent clip which allows you to see your entire note and enjoy a full picture of a TT as well. Choose from three standard designs at $2.50 each. If you prefer a personalized magnet, send a good photo - which will be returned - of your favorite TT (or other pet or person).

$2.50 each (plus 60 cents for mailing). If you wish personalized magnets from your own photo, please add $10.00 for each photograph sent for scanning/editing/set-up. If you wish a special message (up to 15 letters and spaces) be sure to enclose that as well; if you do not have a personal message I will add something appropriate unless you specify no message.

Kritter Kards - for TTs and Friends of TTs

Kritter Kards are special occasion cards, custom designed with your canine or feline or other animal friend in mind! Each card has an appropriate graphic on the front and the inside is personalized with the information about YOUR pet including a color picture of your pet on the inside left side of the card! Information you do not wish to include can be eliminated. Your photo, which you must supply, will be returned (unharmed!) with your order.

    New Pet Announcement - Front graphic is suitable to the animal (dog, cat, bird, etc.) and inside information includes breed, call and registered names, birth and adoption dates, parents registered names, breeder and up to 6 lines (45 letters and spaces/line) of "Special Notes" such as "George was housebroken in a week and already knows how to sit, roll over and shake hands. We hope further tricks will include winning ribbons in the obedience ring."

    New Title Announcement - brag about a new champion, agility or obedience title or getting the Canine Good Citizen certificate. The dog's picture is featured on the front and the inside shows the title, call name, breeder (if you wish) and owner's name.

    Litter Announcement - includes breed, information about parents, date of birth, gender and colors of puppies, breeders name, 2 lines (45 letters/spaces) of special notes.

    Kustom Kards - Contact me for design of special designs for cards and postcards. Moving and need to notify your pooch's friends of his new address? Want a set of "Happy Birthday" cards to send featuring your own dog's photo? How about announcing his graduation from puppy kindergarden or obedience class? You come up with the occasion and I'll come up with a card!

The basic package is $25.00 and includes set-up charges for the personalization as well as scanning (and cropping, minor editing, etc.) of your photo. You receive 10 personalized cards with the basic package; additional cards are $1.25 each. Each card is coated with a sealer to protect the ink from spills. You will never find such unique and personal cards at your card store!

Below is a scan of the front of the first three cards described.

    Return Address Labels

Four different varieties of labels! Each variety comes in a sheet of 30 peel-off labels for \\$1.65 plus $.35 for mailing. The color labels are treated with a protective sealant so the ink will not run if exposed to rain, snow or other liquids.
1. The seated puppy with slipper(in black)is laser printed on a TRANSPARENT label so the color of your envelope shows through. Label size is 1" by 2 3/4".

2. The seated puppy with Santa hat and package in color on a white label. Label size is 3/4" by 2 1/4".

3. YOUR OWN TT on white background. Your choice of type color. Label size is 1" by 2 3/4". Add $10.00 for scanning the photo unless you are also ordering magnets from the same photo.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Make checks or money orders payable (in US dollars) to Susan F. Mechem. Mail orders and checks to 940 Five Pines Road, North Huntingdon, PA 15642. Pennsylvania residents MUST ADD 6% Sales Tax to merchandise order (items only, not shipping costs). Shipping outside of the US charged at cost - contact me before sending an order and I will check the cost.

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