Merry Christmas from the Topica Tibetans

Marley is all ready to give Santa a kiss when he comes down the chimney.

Tiberius says, "If I keep these on, will Santa bring me extra goodies?"

Awww... I'm so cute au naturelle that I'm sure the man in the red suit will bring me lots of toys and goodies"

Wally and Flower send their greetings from North of the border in Canada.
Santa won't sneak past Banjo and Pyccolo, the musical duo in Southern Ohio!
"Put our names on that list for Santa's trip to Ireland," say Zac, Molly, Sally, Maggie, and Zoe. "Leah, Bobby, Eddie and Jessie were just to slow - they will have to make another list."
Chelsea is sure to spot Santa as soon as he is in her neighborhood!
Murphy's Christmas gift came a few days early - a ticket to fly from his birth home in Ireland to his new home in California!
Shane (left) and Polo (right) like to be admired with their tree.

Hunter and Charlie are on their best behavior while waiting for the jolly man in the red suit to get to California.
Lucy's a lady who has experienced Christmas and knows silly things humans do...
Her sister, Gabi, doesn't understand yet what is going on but expects it will be FUN!
Panda and Bobby think they can masquerade as toys and catch Santa in the act...

"We're having a White Christmas" say Penny White's crew. Left to right they are Chari, Halle, Amaia, Ruffles, Rosebud, Lily and Dreamer.
Milton loves to go Christmas caroling in Maryland.
"Mine, all these gifts are mine," thinks Wiese.
Fudge is going to make sure her new toys don't disappear like the rest of the things that were under the tree.
All dressed in her Christmas finery, Fudge waits for her date with Santa!
Sammy and Magic look like old friends of the old guy in the red suit...

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