Week 6 - Ending April 15th
The six big guys are doing very well and growing both physically (all now pushing 3 pounds and around 6 - 6 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder) and mentally.  They all can jump in and out of the puppy playpen and do so easily whenever I leave the door open.  They all drink water from the bowl there, rarely stop by Sherpa for "dessert" and are eating solid food (soaked puppy food) three times a day.  They are catching on to the fact the central play area of their "playroom" (a blocked off area of the spare bedroom about 4' x 9') is a lot more fun to play in if they do their potty business on papers in the corner of the room.  At night they are shut in their 3 foot square puppy playpen and if I got to bed late and get up early - i.e. before the pups are awake -I find only a few spots from overnight that need to be cleaned up.  The have also discovered that when I go in the room I either feed them or bring them something to play with - they all have excellent skill now in untying shoelaces and nibbling toes poking through slippers.  They are discovering various toys and have found that the plush ball will roll if poked by a nose and they can drag the fuzzy dinosaur and kitty around by their body parts.  No one can fit his/her mouth around any of the squeaky parts yet but any day now they will discover how to make the toys "talk" to them.  They have also managed to "retrieve" a number of dust bunnies from their trips out of their room and out to explore the hallway, my "office" and the kitchen.

Minnie is still here and has almost doubled her weight in the last two weeks, now weighing in at a whopping <g> 8 oz.  She is still behind the others with a much lower energy level and to get from point A to point B she takes the most efficient route - usually by skittering under the bellies of her littermates.  She now reaches into the bowl to eat - instead of climbing in and sitting in the middle of it.  She has also learned to lick better and laps some water from a custard cup if I hold it.  She still prefers, though, to lick from a syringe (with the needle removed!) instead of trying to put the whole thing in her mouth and trying to suck it like a bottle (I am afraid to leave a water bowl down that she can reach for fear she will try to crawl in it and would drown).  Her coordination is much better and she rarely falls down any longer and does give little wags with her tail.  She was large enough to get some blood samples from last week - but we still don't know what is causing her slow development.  The kidney function tests show that while her kidney function is low, they are functioning at the edge of normal.  A thyroid panel has ruled out problems there - all the results were exactly where they should be. We'll be running the tests again at the end of next month to compare the results and see if anything "interesting" turns up.  At the same time, we will run kidney function tests and basic blood work on some of the other pups as well to be sure all is as well with them as it appears and to make sure their systems will be able to handle their first vaccinations.

April 21st

The whole group... Top "row" - Duke, Smudge, 
Then Minnie lower left, BJ lying down, George (partially hidden) and Socks bottom right)

Kacey checking out what BJ is checking out (Minnie's back end  and Duke's head behind BJ)

Belle is as curious about the little ones as they are about her.  Winky (now renamed "Duke" by his new family-to-be) is on the right.  Next to him is Socks, then Gremlin's back end, then Smudge with Minnie in front of him with BJ hidden behind Belle's face.

Another group shot -from left to right,  BJ, Minnie, Duke, Smudge and Gremlin with George up on his hind legs.

"Any chance we can break outta this jail????"

Left to right - Minnie, Smudge, BJ and George


Minnie, Socks (in back), BJ, George (climbing), Smudge, Gremlin (climbing)
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