Lizzie's Litter
at 5 1/2 weeks
Personalities are beginning to develop
and we take the first individual "portraits"

3 pups playing
3 pups on a rug
Our first trip out of the nursery.

All tuckered out on our own blanket.

Merry in a show stance
Merry from above
Merry practices a show pose.

Looking down on Merry looking down.

Abby reluctantly poses
Abby looking sad
Abby isn't planning to be a show dog so she doesn't think she needs to practice.

Besides, she already knows Gene & Em think she's the cutest one in the litter.

Lefty practices show stance
Lefty thinks she'd rather play with her brothers and sisters than stand still.

I can do it all by myself!
Troubles on the way
"Turn the spot light on me - I'm doin' what comes naturally," says the brindle and white boy.

As soon as she lets go of me, I'm outta here!


The face of Trouble
I know I've got an adorable face. (And no, I'm not a chocolate cuz I've got both black and brown hairs and a black nose.)

C'mon now, enough is enough and I've got places to go and things I wanna do!

Mr. Show Biz
Mr. Show Biz on the move
This fella is marked just like his Mom

Mr. Show Biz on the move

Mr. Show Biz greets Sarah
Mr. Show Biz says, Howdy!
Mr. Show Biz greets one of his fans

...and shakes her hand.
Nick and Chloe
Nick investigates a foot while his new friend Chloe investigates him.

All photos on this page copyright Jan. 2000 by Brian Helfrich

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