Belle's Litter - The Second Week

(weights on Oct. 17, pm)
(weights on Oct. 24, pm)
M1 - Black, white rear paws, token strip on chest
 14 oz. - Eyes opened Thursday evening. So far, he's the quietest of the boys.  18 oz.
M2 - Sable
 17 oz. - Eyes began opening Wed.  He and white collar are the ones most likely to be found "wandering around" the box, away from the others, though he is more likely to squeal when he discovers he is away from them.  He is changing from deep mahogany to a lighter golden brown shade though his black mask is still very evident.  22 oz.
F - Sable
 13 oz. - Eyes began opening on Thursday.  So far very quiet and content puppy so long as she is snuggled with the group.  However, cries and fusses when she gets separated from the others.  She is also getting quite a bit lighter - in fact, she is a bit lighter than her brother.  18 oz.
M3 - Black, white chin, chest, toes
 14 oz.  - Eyes started opening Thursday evening.  Very similar to the other black - just a little more active.  20 oz.
M4 - black, white collar, blaze, feet
 18 oz. - Eyes started to crack open on Tuesday evening.   Most active of the bunch.  Very independent and often off by himself.  On Sunday he began to be aware of the world around him - he scratched his ear and yipped!  22 oz.
 General Notes The black boy with the white collar began to open his eyes on Tuesday and the others followed the next day.  By the end of the week, all eyes were fully open and they were beginning to take tentative steps around the small box.  They can walk a few steady steps so long as they have solid footing to grip underneath - when put on the floor (vinyl) so I can clean out the box, their feet slide like little ice skaters if they get off the foam backed plush carpeting.  By the weekend, their ears had grown enough to begin to fold over against the sides of their heads and the ears are beginning to open.  In another few days they should begin to hear sounds and start responding to noises. 


By the end of the second week the box is getting a bit crowded!  They'll be moved into larger quarters this upcoming week - you will still see the white crate bottom for them to sleep in but it will be turned around so they can start practicing their walking skills around the larger area of the pen (and develop climbing skills by climbing in and out of the crate).

Belle & babies Oct. 24

Kacey has decided that Belle is not attentive enough and every time Belle leaves the nest, Kacey jumps in to take over ...
Kacey, the nanny

Even when Belle comes back, Kacey is reluctant to give up her job as the nanny - even though it was getting a bit crowded by the middle of the week!


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